Kitting parts is another way GIS can reduce your costs. Kitting involves putting separate components together to form one finished product. It may include various small hardware parts, with or without instructions that the end user would use to complete a finished product. Individual parts could be separately bagged and identified if needed. Finished product can be placed in a poly bag, chipboard or cardboard boxes with barcode ready for the finished user.

Ordering, storing, handling and packaging parts can cost you valuable time. GIS coordinates those time-consuming details for you with the kitting process.

Our kitting process

  • Custom kits designed to your requirements
  • Ability to handle many different materials
  • Can seal in a bag or box for ease of assembly, package and shipping
  • Custom barcoding for identification in shipping
  • Documentation or instructions can be printed and included in any kit
  • Temporary storage can be provided

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