Our experienced staff can find the part you need from anywhere in the world, and get it to you quickly. With our large domestic and international supply base, we may work with suppliers you know, or find new suppliers who can provide parts to your specifications. Green Industrial Supply handles all customs documents and NAFTA certificates, and provides electronic funds transfer in any currency.

Our continuing investment in technology means you have all the details about parts we source readily available for analysis.

Save money by putting our experts to work for you in these areas:

    • Part Sourcing
      • Current/new parts
        • When suppliers go out of business
        • When suppliers obsolete parts
        • Optimize poor performing suppliers
        • Part substitutions
        • Cost reductions
        • Reverse engineering
    • Cost Analyses
      • Negotiate with suppliers on what can be done to avoid increases
      • Work with suppliers on cost reductions that can be passed on to the customer

  • General
    • Rush Request for Quotes
    • Prototypes
    • Alternative Options
    • Sourcing Complex Parts
    • Acquire supplier drawings
    • Purchase large volumes to get best prices
  • Supplier Development
    • Identifying strengths and weakness in suppliers and building on their strengths
    • Focused objectives to meet customerís requirements when meeting with suppliers

At GIS, we coordinate thousands of suppliers and millions of parts for our customers. It is our job to decrease the amount of time and cost your company spends managing numerous suppliers. Throughout the process of partnering with suppliers, we continually look for ways to reduce costs and improve quality for our customers.

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